JCSI continually identifies and cultivates relationships with the best talent in your industry to develop a pool of ready-to-hire candidates. This enables you to respond quickly to the unexpected hiring needs of your organization as they occur. A job board can’t give you that.


For instance, the position you were working on a month ago opens up again—now what? You have a list of candidates who are more-than-likely no longer on the market, and the search begins again. With JCSI on your team, it is very easy to ramp up quickly and re-open the search. Because our unique RPO approach serves as an extension to your staffing department, JCSI understands your expectations and maintains access to a pipeline that will give you a continuous flow of qualified candidates when the need arises.


From the very beginning, we take a proactive approach and educate ourselves about your company—its culture, environment, and values—to make sure we help you choose candidates who will be a good fit for your organization. You can be confident that every selected candidate we send your way: meets your requirements, knows your company’s opportunities, understands its culture, and is interview ready.

You Own All PIPELINE Data

As a unique RPO, we are a true extension of your recruiting department, and all candidate information JCSI gathers on your behalf belongs to your organization. If we come across a candidate who appears to be the perfect fit for your organization but their background does not exactly align with the role we’re working on, you may access that candidate for another position. In addition, we bill on a project basis for the time invested in your search, so if we identify several outstanding candidates and you hire two of them, your cost per hire is greatly reduced!