A JCSI Interview Day is the most efficient way to get interested candidates before your Hiring Manager quickly and at a significant time and cost savings, whether you have multiple hiring needs or one role to fill. Blocking off time to interview many applicants is a great way to compare skills, determine the exact fit for your company, and efficiently meet your staffing needs.  (See client testimonials from Valspar and Sonos for specific examples of our success with Interview Days.)

As a unique RPO firm, JCSI will manage as much or as little of the details you desire to implement your Interview Day. The firm is proficient at running the entire process and has an impressive track record to prove it, having managed hundreds of Interview Days at locations across the country in a variety of industries. For instance, in 2012, JCSI-managed Interview Days resulted in more than 100 new hires for our clients, with an average cost per hire less than 12% and a success rate of 92% or greater!

From initial contact with prospective candidates, through callback interviews, JCSI will manage sourcing, recruiting, prequalifying, and scheduling candidates; provide travel arrangements and information packets for applicants; organize updated resumes and evaluation tools for interviewers; as well as handle referrals, and coordinate the interview site, logistics, and any follow-up services you require.

An Interview Day is your best option when you want a fast recruiting boost, or when you need to compare candidates efficiently, and JCSI has the experience and proven track record to make it a success for your team.

JCSI alleviates the stress that goes into planning and running the event, so you can focus your time and attention on choosing the right candidates.