College recruiting enables you to develop relationships with young talent that can have a lasting impact on your staffing needs, but to be successful, it requires much more than simply attending a job fair at your local college.

JCSI employs proven techniques to identify and engage your targeted universities and their top students, managing as little or as much of the process as you desire. For instance, JCSI will establish relationships with top schools in your industry, gain the interest of their tier-one students, conduct prequalification screens, and schedule follow up interview events—even manage travel details—providing beginning-to-end planning and implementation for your search.

With today’s job market, college recruiting is as much about getting the most-desired students to respond to your opportunity as it is about screening out those who do not meet profile requirements. With hundreds of applicants, Hiring Managers rely on JCSI to prequalify and submit only the best candidates, saving time and creating an efficient process for recruiting young talent.

Using its social media expertise to establish relationships within the college environment, JCSI develops a solid pipeline of young talent. And because college recruiting is time sensitive, JCSI’s experience offers the added benefit of consultative guidance and success measurement at each stage of the process.