Finding the Ideal Candidate

As any Hiring Manager will tell you, finding the ideal candidate often seems like searching for a needle in a haystack. JCSI has demonstrated success locating top candidates in your field by using proven research tools and strategies. Through the years, the firm’s sourcing team has become particularly skilled at passive candidate research.

At JCSI, we know advanced candidate research requires dedicated professionals with the precision to dig deep to uncover the top candidates in any industry, whether they are actively looking or gainfully employed by your competitor. Our Sourcing Specialists are key contributors to the recruitment team, using the latest online research tools, Meta search engines, industry associations, discussion groups, private databases, niche sites, and a variety of social media to identify superior candidates quickly.


With an investigative mindset, Sourcing Specialists combine current technology and successful strategies to target specific industries, job titles, and companies. By using customized competitor research and passive candidate inquiry, our Sourcing Specialists develop pipelines of highly qualified people with a particular emphasis on the top performers in your industry.

Using our unique RPO approach, our specialty is identifying the best candidates to meet your needs, based on a deep understanding of your requirements and your talent pool, and with a thorough knowledge of the tools and technology available to drive the search.

With JCSI on your team, your ideal candidate just got a lot closer.