Find them. Connect with them

As challenging as it is to find top people in your industry, the real achievement is getting them interested in your opportunity—especially A-level candidates who may consider themselves happily employed with your competition. At JCSI, our unique RPO approach includes strategies that enable us to consistently engage and build relationships with A-level candidates, resulting in better applicants for our clients.

We pride ourselves in understanding passive candidates, where to find them, how they prefer to communicate, and what motivates them to connect with us. Based on our targeted approach, which we customize to your company and the role, we create candidate marketing campaigns that drive home the benefits of a career with your firm. The campaign’s effectiveness enables our Recruiting Consultants to develop relationships with top people in your industry, so even the most complacent candidate is motivated to respond to our recruiter about your staffing need.

Along with this successful approach, JCSI offers tools using new media to further engage passive candidates in ways that are non-intrusive, personal, and unique. These tools include: Jobcasts, Webinars, Landing Pages, and Videos.

At JCSI, our innovative recruiting model enables us to find and connect with your A-level candidates, providing a competitive edge that results in better candidates, faster, and at a lower cost for you.

Webinar Example

Fremont Motors Casper Wyoming Webinar from Melanie Wexler on Vimeo.


Video Example


JobCast Example