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Wellness Program Reaps Rewards

February 4th, 2019

With Hire rates up 89% and more than 100 Acts of Kindness accomplished in 2018, you may think JCSI staff would be resting on their laurels. But in true New England fashion, JCSI team members love to do their job and more! As part of the new Employee Wellness Program launched in early 2018, the goal was for the team to Give Back (such as harvesting at a community farm and 100+ other activities) AND improve their own mental, spiritual, and physical wellbeing.

Whether it was sharing nutritious recipes and potluck meals, starting the workday with yoga or meditation, creatively expressing holiday-decorating skills, or competing in water drinking, jump roping and situp contests—in 2018, the JCSI team learned you can do great work and find balance that allows you to give and live fuller, healthier lives. Anyone for a walking meeting?

Can't wait to see what this team accomplishes in 2019!

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