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Solid Partnership Enables Choice for Leadership Role

March 9th, 2017

With any open role, determining whom to hire is a difficult decision with long-term implications for your firm. This is especially true when the position is a key leadership role in your organization. The best-case scenario provides your hiring manager with many exceptional candidates to choose from, rather than a few mediocre applicants who don’t fully meet your requirements or aren't a good cultural fit for your team.

When Twin Rivers Technologies partnered with JCSI for its HR leadership role, JCSI presented several, highly qualified candidates who were interested in the opportunity. Twin Rivers then had the enviable task of selecting the absolute best fit from a slate of qualified, JCSI-vetted applicants.

As the hiring manager noted, "“JCSI brought in several, high-caliber candidates, and we could have hired three of them. We had a choice to make.”

Read here for more about the results of that search, and contact us when you want to learn how JCSI will connect your team with better candidates, faster, so you too can select the best-qualified person for your critical roles!

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