• Happy Holidays from JCSI



    Happy Holidays and Best Wishes for a healthy and prosperous New Year from your friends at JCSI!













    Photo by Lauren Upham


  • Assessing Job Hoppers in Today's Market


    In the old days, employees would take a job and stick with the same company for decades, a lifetime even. Nowadays, especially with younger workers, you're lucky if they last a few years. How do you define job hoppers and what role should it play in assessing a candidate? Well, it depends…

  • Snowy Thanksgiving in New England


    Thanksgiving dawned white and cool this year, but that didn't lessen the joy of sharing good food and being grateful for blessings.

    JCSI would like to thank our team for their exceptional commitment, our clients for strong partnership, and our talented candidates for making the work rewarding.

    Happy Thanksgiving!
    Photo by Jackie Doherty
  • What Candidate Questions Reveal


    If you’re like most hiring managers, you use interview questions to gain insight about candidates. But what about questions candidates ask you during the interview? What do their questions reveal about their personality, work ethic, or suitability for the role? Check here to find out.


  • Wine and cheese event to raise funds for cancer research


  • JCSI takes staff out to the Ball Game


    JCSI employee Kim Morse poses for a photo with BestExec staff member Lauren Upham at historic Fenway Park during the company's annual field trip to a Red Sox game.

    You couldn't have asked for better weather--if only the final score had been different!

  • Client Shares Tips for Hiring Sales Stars


    Most top sales candidates possess related skill sets and characteristics, from friendly, outgoing personalities to communications expertise. Deciding which candidate will best fit your organization and drive success requires insight and an exceptional screening process...

  • JCSI Gets Wet for a Good Cause


    CEO Jim Sullivan joins his staff yesterday and gets soaked as part of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

    More than just getting wet, however, the JCSI team joins a national movement that is raising unprecedented funds for a good cause and photos prove they're having fun while doing it!

    Photos by Jamison Wexler


  • Hiring Manager Mishaps: Underselling an Opportunity


    When you make an offer to an exceptional candidate, you want it accepted. One way to make sure that happens is to articulate the benefits of the opportunity as part of the search process. Focus on these four areas as part of your search-sales pitch and you will be more likely to get the answer you seek:

  • Five Reasons to Grow Your Pipeline


    When economic times are slow, a typical knee-jerk reaction is to cut spending, and delay, or freeze all growth processes. While prioritizing makes sense, the challenge is to make sure you set the right ones, and once you do, to take action when you can. Pipeline development is one of those areas where an ongoing investment can reap multiple benefits. Here are just five reasons why...