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  • Three Interviews Scheduled in First Three Weeks of Search


    Read on for more about GH Tooling's quick timeline and successful search for a key sales leader  

  • Sharing Success re Challenging GM Role


    Confidential search for General Manager results in exceptional hire for Stonecast

  • Celebrating the Holidays with Grafton Community


    JCSI added a competitive twist to this year's stop in the annual Grafton Celebrates the Holidays event, which resulted in very special office decorations as the photos attest.

  • Happy Thanksgiving from JCSI


  • Breaking Bread Together


    Typically held the week before the holiday, this year's annual employee Thanksgiving feast was a delicious success!


  • Motivational Monday--Thoughts on Gratitude


  • Acts of Kindness #76--Dismas House


    In JCSI's 2018 ongoing list of Acts of Kindness committed by employees, #76 provided a delicious meal worth special notice! At last check, the list was up to 77 different contributions or acts of kindness in support of worthy causes and helping individuals in our communities--that means the JCSI team is on track to hit 100 Acts of Kindness before the year ends! These acts include donating money or volunteering time to worthy causes, preparing meals for a local homeless shelter, community cleanups, and fund-raising for cancer research, as well as simple acts such as providing a ride for an elderly person or helping a neighbor in need. For more about Act #76, read on!

  • Women Must Network to Break Glass Ceiling


    By choosing not to participate in networking opportunities, are women prolonging their own glass ceiling? One experienced recruiter shares her thoughts on the topic here...

  • Motivation Monday--Thoughts on Change


     See this month's thought on moving forward by not letting yourself or others hold you back.

  • Act of Kindness #64--Horizons for Homeless


    As one of JCSI's Acts of Kindness for 2018, #64 is not only special for its contribution to the community, but because it was made by one of our very own interns! Read on to learn how this young person is part of a positive change for good in our community!

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