• Fascinating Health Tip


    When is a desire to eat based on actual hunger or due to emotional needs?

  • JCSI Oscars Entertains and Informs


    At this year's annual kick-off meeting, JCSI held an Oscar's-themed celebration, complete with videos, jokes, and special awards, as well as movie clips and slides that reviewed the company's past with humor and launched 2013 with a bang!

    Shown in the photo, Nancy Paulauskas presents Ryan Finnegan with an Oscar for the "Employee with the Best Bostonian Phone Presence"—one of several awards presented at the event.

  • Misery loves company: Wages slump hits elected officials


    In Massachusetts, legislators will earn about $1,100 less in 2013, a 1.8 percent reduction to reflect the decline in median household income for residents over the last two years. Governor Deval Patrick will also see his salary reduced by 1.8 percent or about $2,500 as will other constitutionally named leadership. While elected leaders taking a hit in compensation may not be usual across all states, the Commonwealth’s slump in wages reflects a downward trend in earnings that is being felt nationally.

  • When it's cold, we work harder


    Woke up to seven degree temperatures today near JCSI headquarters. With a stiff wind blowing, those temperatures are the kind that make even the hardiest souls reluctant to get out of bed. But as most New Englanders know, a winter chill is no reason to avoid life. Besides, usually if you wait a minute, the weather will change....

  • 'Tis the Season for Giving


    Looking for ways to build community support and strengthen your bond with employees? JCSI has a long-standing tradition that gives back and feels good for everyone involved.

  • Project Manager career opportunity with JCSI


    JCSI is seeking a Project Manager with excellent communication and multi-tasking skills to join our upbeat, fun-loving recruiting team.

  • Software Developers need apply....


    While some roles are tougher to fill than others, there are ways to engage the interest of top-level performers and make your opportunity stand out from others.


  • Playing together makes stronger teams


    We go to work to make a living. But job satisfaction goes beyond the paycheck—beyond making enough money to be comfortable. How you feel about your job not only impacts your willingness to get up in the morning, but also how effective you are when you get there. Progressive companies seek ways to engage employees because it makes sense, but what those efforts look like and the fun involved might surprise you.

  • Moving in the right direction


    With Q3 final data compiled and analyzed, JCSI’s delivery team improved its previous score, with 94% of our projects successful!

  • Reporting Analyst opportunity with JCSI


    JCSI is seeking an innovative Reporting Systems Analyst to join our upbeat, fun-loving team of youthful professionals.