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JCSI for Manufacturing Roles

July 19th, 2018

JCSI’s expertise with engaging passive candidates enables you to benefit from an untapped market since many of your top candidates may not be on the job boards. Connecting to highly qualified, passive candidates is always useful, but it is especially critical when the talent market is so competitive.

Here are just five reasons for using JCSI to fill your manufacturing roles.

  1. Applicant Flow—Whether you seek process engineers or plant managers, JCSI quickly finds and attracts high-quality candidates using proven-effective sourcing and candidate marketing strategies customized to the type of candidates you seek and the unique benefits of a career with your organization.
  2. Follow Through—After the texts, emails, phone calls and screens, JCSI builds strong relationships with your applicants, keeping them informed, connected, and excited about the benefits of a career with your firm through each phase of the process.
  3. Recruiting Partner—JCSI works closely with your hiring managers to remove obstacles and get top talent hired and working in your plants.
  4. Scheduling—JCSI finds, screens, and tracks the applicants through your process, scheduling next steps with your hiring managers, and providing the support to fill your roles efficiently.
  5. Flexibility—JCSI offers unprecedented flexibility as a seamless extension of your hiring team with deep resources and the ability to ramp up or down as your needs evolve.

Contact us to learn about how JCSI can fill your manufacturing roles faster, with better candidates, and for less cost!  

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