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Just Doing It at JCSI

May 3rd, 2018

Drinking the most water, doing the most sit-ups, jumping rope--

these are some of the challenges employees face

as part of the new Employee Wellness Program! 


For the physical health and exercise component of the JCSI Wellness Program, periodic exercise challenges combine the team’s competitive nature with the pure joy of moving and being mindful of making healthy choices. Recent competitions have included drinking the most water in a week, a sit-up challenge, and the recent contest--what team could do the most jumps in a morning--jump rope competition. See below for the results and winners:

Jen won the Water Challenge by drinking a total of 67 8-ounce glasses of water in one week—that’s an average of just under 10 glasses of water per day! Margot won the sit-up challenge with 850 sit-ups in a week, but that’s because Mel took herself out of the running after achieving a whopping 1,424 sit-ups! Jackie and Jessica’s team won the jump-rope competition—with the two women jumping a combined total of 843 jumps one morning. 

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