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JCSI Launches New Employee Wellness Program

February 13th, 2018

At JCSI, one of our core values is to provide employees with a healthy work environment that fosters physical fitness, mental well-being, and an overall positive attitude both individually and as part of our team.  This could be wellness of the body through exercise and nutrition, health of the mind through education and affirmative thinking, and health of the spirit through teambuilding, volunteering, and participation in community events or fund-raising activities for causes we care about. 

At the end of the year, our goal is to have a healthier, happier team because individuals feel better about themselves and their contribution to the greater community. The JCSI Wellness Program involves interaction and participation in ongoing events and initiatives to foster emotional, physical, and mental growth as well as a “give-back” attitude.

When it comes to employee wellness, JCSI stands for: J-Just Do It; C-Cuisine; S-Serving Others; I-Inner Peace

Join us on our journey to wellness--We think you will be glad you did!


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