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Three Reasons Candidate Relationships Matter

April 10th, 2017

For most recruiting consulting firms, good communication with hiring managers is essential. It enables the recruiter to identify your ideal profile and deliver viable candidates faster—a vital outcome for every successful recruiting partnership. Yet, with the employer as the client, how often do staffing firms make it a priority to develop strong relationships with the candidates as well? Sadly, not enough.

JCSI’s unique recruitment model focuses on passive candidates who meet your ideal profile, which is one reason we deliver better applicants than traditional recruiting firms. To attract passive candidates, we use creative messaging and tools that promote the unique benefits of a career with your organization. Along with this customized approach to candidate marketing, we nurture strong relationships with those top performers, which is another way we’re able to deliver better candidates than traditional recruiting models. Even if today's opening isn't what they're looking for, our candidates will take our call the next time when the opportunity and the location may offer a better match.

Here are just three reasons why fostering positive candidate relationships are always worth the effort:

  1. Attract top performers to your current opportunities
  2. Network beyond immediate search, get referrals and build talent database
  3. Represent your employer brand well for positive, lasting impression

Treating all candidates with professional courtesy, whether they are actively looking, a great fit, or not, delivers immediate results and lasting benefits. To find out how JCSI can connect you with better candidates, contact us today!

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