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Teams Challenged at Annual Event

January 26th, 2017

Thankfully, as part of its annual, kick-off the New Year event, most JCSI and BestExec staff survived Escape Games Worcester, an interactive challenge that locks teams in a room with a mystery to solve.

Many firms hold an annual, state-of-the-company event where employees get a review of last year as well as an update on future plans for the business. Often those events include refreshments, activities, and incentives to heighten employee excitement about the year ahead. Rarely does it included getting trapped in room with your colleagues, but JCSI is different.

Even with its longstanding history and reputation for creative, fun-loving events that feature anything from scavenger hunts and awards shows, to physical competitions, brew making, and assorted challenges in collaboration, JCSI took team building to a new level when the company visited Escape Games Worcester.

Escape Games is an interactive experience that locks teammates in a room where they have one hour to solve a mystery and escape confinement. Each room features a unique and suspenseful storyline that may include murder, theft, and mayhem along with a variety of clues, puzzles and riddles to discover the key that will allow your team to escape… or not!

Escape Games was challenging and provided further evidence that at JCSI, teamwork is the path to success as well as a lot of fun!

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