• Five Tips to Improve Your Job Acceptance Rates


    Nobody likes rejection. Have you ever seen a marriage proposal refused? It’s painful to watch—much like getting all the way to the offer stage and having the candidate decline your job. At JCSI, we’ve worked with many clients to implement best practices and help them improve their ability to close. See these five tips to increase your job acceptance rates and your chances at your own happy ending...

  • Happy Last Year


    Analysis of 2014 data, show encouraging results from service and process changes implemented mid year...

  • Blizzard Lesson: Procrastination Doesn't Pay


    Blizzard of 2015 offers reminder about the benefits of being prepared...

  • Three Options to Achieve Your 2015 Hiring Goals


    As you assess your staffing needs for 2015, here are three options to consider to achieve your goals without gouging your budget:

  • Looking Forward After Great Year


    JCSI embraces the New Year a stronger company on a number of fronts...

  • Happy Holidays from JCSI



    Happy Holidays and Best Wishes for a healthy and prosperous New Year from your friends at JCSI!













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  • Assessing Job Hoppers in Today's Market


    In the old days, employees would take a job and stick with the same company for decades, a lifetime even. Nowadays, especially with younger workers, you're lucky if they last a few years. How do you define job hoppers and what role should it play in assessing a candidate? Well, it depends…

  • Snowy Thanksgiving in New England


    Thanksgiving dawned white and cool this year, but that didn't lessen the joy of sharing good food and being grateful for blessings.

    JCSI would like to thank our team for their exceptional commitment, our clients for strong partnership, and our talented candidates for making the work rewarding.

    Happy Thanksgiving!
    Photo by Jackie Doherty
  • What Candidate Questions Reveal


    If you’re like most hiring managers, you use interview questions to gain insight about candidates. But what about questions candidates ask you during the interview? What do their questions reveal about their personality, work ethic, or suitability for the role? Check here to find out.


  • Wine and cheese event to raise funds for cancer research