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  • Case Study: Passive Search Offers Staffing Solution


    With expertise in finding and engaging passive candidates, JCSI is often the firm clients count on to help with difficult-to-fill roles.  The following case study illustrates how a passive search can be the exact solution for finding the right candidates within a limited pool...

  • Seeking Inside Sales Rep for JCSI's newest office


    Okay, so this isn't a picture of JCSI's newest office, but it is a photo from the area. As those fortunate enough to live on the Cape know, beautiful beaches and lighthouses are never far away. Due to growth, JCSI is seeking an Inside Sales Representative for the firm's newest office in West Dennis, Mass...

  • Health Tip: Cut Salt, Improve Health With 5 Better Spices


    With St. Patrick’s Day recently past, many folks enjoyed a traditional Irish-American meal to celebrate the day. Typically, this meal consists of corned beef, cabbage, potatoes, turnips, parsnips, carrots, and onions simmered together in a pot of water until tender. No one would argue the health benefits of eating lots of root vegetables, but corned beef is a salt-cured meat with high levels of sodium that should be consumed infrequently if at all. One serving of corned beef equals about two-thirds of the daily salt intake recommended by the American Heart Association. Too much salt worsens certain health issues, but there are other spices that will flavor your food without harming your health—even delivering disease-fighting, antioxidant benefits along with a burst of flavor…

  • Biggest Loser Not for Sissies


    Employees participate in a rigorous, onsite exercise program as part of the Biggest Loser competition at JCSI. Regardless of how you feel personally about Obamacare, health insurance in the United States will continue to be employer based and expensive—at least for the near term.

    Meanwhile, more companies like JCSI, are taking a proactive approach to improving staff health and wellbeing—even if it does feel like torture at times...

  • When Interviewing a Passive Candidate...


  • Inside Sales Rep career opportunities with JCSI


    JCSI is seeking Inside Sales Representatives with excellent communication skills to join its upbeat Sales Team.

  • Fascinating Health Tip


    When is a desire to eat based on actual hunger or due to emotional needs?

  • JCSI Oscars Entertains and Informs


    At this year's annual kick-off meeting, JCSI held an Oscar's-themed celebration, complete with videos, jokes, and special awards, as well as movie clips and slides that reviewed the company's past with humor and launched 2013 with a bang!

    Shown in the photo, Nancy Paulauskas presents Ryan Finnegan with an Oscar for the "Employee with the Best Bostonian Phone Presence"—one of several awards presented at the event.

  • Misery loves company: Wages slump hits elected officials


    In Massachusetts, legislators will earn about $1,100 less in 2013, a 1.8 percent reduction to reflect the decline in median household income for residents over the last two years. Governor Deval Patrick will also see his salary reduced by 1.8 percent or about $2,500 as will other constitutionally named leadership. While elected leaders taking a hit in compensation may not be usual across all states, the Commonwealth’s slump in wages reflects a downward trend in earnings that is being felt nationally.

  • When it's cold, we work harder


    Woke up to seven degree temperatures today near JCSI headquarters. With a stiff wind blowing, those temperatures are the kind that make even the hardiest souls reluctant to get out of bed. But as most New Englanders know, a winter chill is no reason to avoid life. Besides, usually if you wait a minute, the weather will change....

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