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  • JCSI Launches New Employee Wellness Program


    JCSI launches new Wellness Program to encourage, inspire, and unite employees is personal and collective wellness initiatives.

  • JCSI Renews Focus, Adds New Program in 2018


    At its annual New Year kickoff meeting today, the JCSI management team took employees on a quick journey back through 2017—not only to recognize the many successes the team achieved together, but to examine lessons learned, and look ahead to exciting initiatives for the New Year…

  • Better Candidates Deliver Lasting Benefits


    Reduce your employee turnover rate by hiring the right people.  JCSI’s retention rate for high-volume clients demonstrates that better candidates bring lasting benefits to your team.

  • Three Reasons Candidate Relationships Matter


    Investing in candidate relationships offers many rewards. Here are just three reasons to treat all candidates with professional courtesy.

  • Solid Partnership Enables Choice for Leadership Role


    When hiring, it's better to have several superior candidates to choose from—especially for key leadership roles. Read how JCSI's partnership with Twin Rivers resulted in a slate of highly qualified candidates, so they could select the absolute best fit for their team.

  • JCSI Hire Rates Up


    With 2016 in the rear-view mirror, JCSI looks back and celebrates a 135% increase in hires! Even though unemployment claims hit a 43-year low last year, JCSI clients were hiring lots of top talent. What’s our secret?

  • JCSI in the News


    JCSI was included in an article in today's Boston Globe Business Section about companies offering flexible hours and work/life balance for professionals juggling work and family commitments. According to studies mentioned in the article, more and more men are looking to balance their work with quality family time--an issue that has long challenged women professionals.

    As a family-friendly business, JCSI has always prided itself on its understanding the need to balance work and home responsibilities, as well as providing a supportive and flexible environment that enables professional success and quality time with family.

  • Teams Challenged at Annual Event


  • Client Praise Offers Great Start to New Year


  • Happy Holidays from JCSI




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