• The Bottom Line on Wages


    As the economy continues its slow recovery, the latest WorldatWork survey on salary budget trends illustrates the additional squeeze on HR managers as they face tight recruiting and salary budgets with strong emphasis on hiring top-quality candidates. Savvy managers, however, know the good news about the bottom line on wages is that it’s not the only line… See full post here.

  • What Employers Should Know About Skype Interviewing


    Google “Skype” and you’ll find lots of tips about how applicants can succeed at online interviews, but little from the perspective of the Hiring Manager. With so many of our clients choosing online video interviewing as a way to vet top candidates without the time, cost and constraints of traditional interviews, we thought we'd share our insights as well as a few tips to keep in mind…

  • Health Tip: When You Eat Matters


    Apparently it is no longer just about daily caloric intake: Did you know that WHEN you eat can impact whether the food is digested efficiently or becomes extra padding for your hips?

  • JCSI Open House for Jobs With Us


    Whether you’ve been out of college a week or a decade, you’re looking to jumpstart your career or return to the workforce, attend a JCSI Open House on Thursday, June 13, or Tuesday, June 18, 6-8 p.m., and learn about contract opportunities with flexible hours and paid training as part of our friendly, fun-loving HR consulting team.

  • What Employees Really Want


    At JCSI, each search is different, not only because the roles and the organizations vary, but because we customize our searches to capitalize on the unique value propositions inherent in each firm and with each particular opportunity. Smart employers know why people want to work for their company and use that knowledge to attract and retain top performers in their industry.

  • Hiring Manager Mishaps: The Fish That Got Away


    As Recruiter Ryan Parker shows in this photo, making a great hire can be an achievement akin to landing a fantastic catch.

    The following post, the first in a series on Hiring Manager Mishaps, explores a common mistake that can be fatal when engaging with A-level candidates who are not actively seeking a career change...

    Photo by Jared Jacobs

  • Case Study: Multiple Hires Solve Staffing Needs, Cut Costs


    With JCSI's time and materials recruiting model, clients own the pipeline and are not charged contingency fees, meaning a JCSI search can result in several hires as well as significant cost and time savings.  The following case study shows how one search not only led to high-quality candidates, but also multiple hires...

  • Three Reasons to Hire College Students


    In honor of all the college graduations this month, our posts this week are college-centric, and no wonder: College graduates represent the future of our workforce! If you haven’t considered employing student workers in the past, here are three reasons you should…

  • What Employers Should Know About Rising Salaries for Recent Grads


  • A Tale of Two Quarters


    We’re proud of our delivery record, and we're always looking for ways to improve, which makes this comparison of Q1 results for the last two years especially satisfying...