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Five Tips to Effective Employer Branding

March 26th, 2015 by Jackie Doherty

As competition for top talent heats up, your employer image can help attract high-quality applicants to your firm. At JCSI, we’ve been around long enough (16 years) to see clients who do a very good job with employer branding as well as ones who don’t. Those companies with an effective employer brand have better results in attracting top candidates across all industries.

Whether you’re a new startup that hasn’t quite defined your niche or a large, well-known corporation, effective employer branding will impact the quantity and quality of talent you attract. Invest in employer branding that aligns with long-term business goals or risk being left behind in the race for top talent.

Fortunately, as your recruiting partner, JCSI works with you to develop customized candidate marketing messaging that attracts people to your company by using unique value propositions about the benefits of a career with your firm. That means, we help you develop an effective employer brand if you don’t have one already, and if you do have one, we use it to fully engage and interest the type of candidates you seek.

When developing or enhancing your employer brand, keep these five tips in mind:

  1. Be Authentic:  As in most human interactions, sincerity works best, so as you consider what makes your company a great place to work, stay focused on the real strengths and benefits of a career with your firm. Start by looking at all aspects of your organization: history, products, services, team, culture, and values. What factors contribute to the firm’s continued success, what makes your organization different from its competitors? What is the growth plan?
  2. Align with Business Goals: An effective employer brand is closely aligned with strategic plans for the company’s future especially as it relates to talent needs. To be successful, knowing and integrating the staffing competencies required to fulfill business goals must be built into the employer brand.
  3. Have Perspective: When developing your employer brand, it is helps to approach it from the employee’s point of view. Why would someone want to join your team? What learning or career growth opportunities exist? What are other incentives that would entice an employee?
  4. Know Your Audience: Along with perspective, what type of candidates do you seek and what are the inherent motivators that would attract them to your firm? Research target groups to determine what motivates them. For instance, with high-technology talent, candidates may be attracted by the opportunity to work on advanced products, state-of-the-art equipment, or with subject-matter experts. A sales professional may find unlimited commission, market growth, and product services support attractive benefits.
  5. Communicate Your Brand: From job descriptions to candidate outreach and interviews, and at ALL stages of the application process( including candidate engagement with hiring managers and human resources),  communicate your employer brand to interest, attract, and retain top talent.

From a leading global toy company known for its culture of fun to a century-old international bank with progressive flex-time and job-share programs, JCSI can help you identify, improve, and market your employer brand to connect with the brightest talent in your industry. Contact us to learn more.

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