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Five Tips to Improve Your Job Acceptance Rates

February 24th, 2015 by Jackie Doherty

As staffing needs continue to rise, recruiters face a candidate-driven market where top performers have lots of choices. Regardless of market conditions, candidates who do not accept your job offer waste valuable resources and time, so it makes sense to take steps to improve your acceptance rates.

According to ERE.net, a web-based survey of 170 recruiters from a large firm determined that 42 percent of candidates who got an offer turned it down.  Another recruiting survey in the hospitality industry showed acceptance rates fluctuate with as much as 35-50 percent of job offers being rejected.

Job acceptance rates fluctuate depending on a number of factors, including industry, talent scarcity, and geographic area. Engineering roles, for example, traditionally are more difficult to fill, yet JCSI data analysis determined a 71% job offer acceptance rate during a recent, national search for 160 engineers.

“We were excited the data proved our engineering candidates were accepting offers at a rate higher than industry averages,” explains Melanie Wexler, JCSI Vice President of Client Services. “We see it is a direct result of several factors, including strong partnerships with clients and candidates, and the high quality of our sourcing and recruiting teams.”

Straight from the JCSI Toolbox, here are five tips to help you improve your own job acceptance rates:

1. Right Job for the Right Person—Know your expectations, required skills, and desired personality traits for the role; then use good sourcing and prescreening tools to connect your opportunity with the right people.

2. Capture what Motivates—Most people are motivated by more than compensation. Whether it’s the opportunity to do hands-on work, learn, grow with latest technology, or be part of a talented team… Take time to learn what motivates your top candidate and be prepared to discuss how your organization meets that interest.

3. Sell Your Opportunity—Focus on your company’s strengths and the benefits of the role. Have a stellar team? Cool clients? Incredible growth projected?  Fun company culture?  Determine your selling points and align them with your top candidate’s motivation.

4. Timing is Everything—The sooner you can get an offer out, the better. Top performers will not wait and there will be other offers coming in from your competition. Have a streamlined process, explain it up front, and stick with it.

5. Keep Candidates Warm—Cold silence loses candidates. Communicate when there are delays, develop the relationship by staying in touch, and make sure the candidate’s experience with you and your firm is positive.

The reasons candidates reject your offers vary, but these steps will diminish the likelihood that you’ll be starting the process over again by improving your job acceptance results and getting you to happy ever after—so yes to that! For more information about how JCSI's unique approach will connect you with candidates who are the right fit for your team and excited about your opportunity, contact us.

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