JCSI Manages Valspar Interview Days: Cuts Time by 75% and Cost by 50%

Ranked the sixth largest coatings company in the world, Valspar’s staffing challenge was to find and hire exceptional talent fast enough to support the company’s rapid national expansion. Prior to partnering with JCSI, Valspar sales manager roles were taking 12-16 weeks to fill, territories were having difficulty identifying enough qualified candidates, and there wasn’t a national process to ensure high standards and efficient practices were being followed consistently across the country.

In addition, before partnering with JCSI, some Valspar territories were interviewing applicants over several weeks while others were scheduling Interview Days, which were efficient, but demanded extensive time for regional managers to coordinate. JCSI helped the company establish consistent requirements, hiring timelines, and practices that included Interview Days for all its territories. Since partnering together, JCSI has managed more than 150 Interview Days for Valspar. For these events, Valspar's hiring team commits to the time and location for the Interview Day, and JCSI manages the details and coordination, including pre-screening, scheduling, and all candidate interaction.

These well-run interview events enable Valspar’s hiring team to review the top local talent in one day, allowing managers to compare applicants, identify the best individuals, shorten the timeframe, and make better hiring decisions. In addition to coordinating the events, JCSI's expertise in recruiting processes, pipeline development, sourcing, candidate engagement, and project management enable the firm to make a solid, value-added contribution to meet Valspar’s ongoing staffing needs.

  • Cut TTF by 75%:  Decrease Valspar’s average time to fill from 12-16 weeks to three weeks.

  • Improve Process: Build national process and standards for better hires, faster, and at lower cost.

  • Reduce CPH: Average cost per hire for 2013 is 7% compared to agency rates ranging from 15-25%.

Smart Process

“JCSI standardized our entire process, put together a sustainable platform for going forward, and gave us time to focus on our business, which resulted in better hires, quicker.”

Exceed Expectations 

”JCSI exceeded our expectations. They were collaborative and we had a true partnership. We listened to each other, and they continued to challenge us until we got it right. We didn't realize at the time that we needed it, but we did. JCSI taught us, and as a result, we improved our program and processes.”


Effective Communication

“Originally, we were reluctant to make time for weekly meetings, but they turned out to be very useful for improving our process: The meetings and reports enabled better results because we were able to make changes on our end to what was happening in the field.”

Committed to Our Goals

”JCSI understood our needs and were committed to achieving our goals. They took a lot of work off our plates, so we had time to focus on our business.”