Solid Partnership Enables Choice for Leadership Role

As one of the largest oleochemical producers in North America, Twin Rivers Technologies provides solutions that deliver superior quality and value to its customers with a product line that includes more than 80 different types of fatty acids. In addition to meeting today’s olechemical market demands, Twin Rivers prides itself on its R&D capabilities, as well as offering core competencies in design, technical knowledge, and supply chain expertise.

Twin Rivers Technologies partnered with JCSI for assistance in hiring an HR Manager, a senior role that required a competent individual with multiple skill sets as well as someone who would be a good cultural fit for the team. They had tried other recruiting options, and selected JCSI because of its focused search, dedicated team, and ability to connect them with the level of exceptional talent they required for this highlyvisibile, critical role within the organization. JCSI found several talented people who met their ideal profile, and Twin Rivers got to select the best from a number of viable candidates.

  • Sell Your Opportunity: JCSI recruited on behalf of Twin Rivers Technologies, presenting the benefits of a career with the firm, which resulted in top performers being interested in the opportunity.
  • Bridge to Top Talent: JCSI’s thorough search and candidate-engagement process resulted in several viable applicants, and Twin Rivers was able to select the best fit for its team.
  • Valued Partner: The JCSI partnership offered a dedicated commitment of recruitment resources to Twin Rivers' internal team, resulting in a deep understanding of the role, the ideal profile, and the company culture.

The JCSI Difference

“We had tried other recruiting firms, but the JCSI model brought a dedicated commitment. We felt they understood our culture and represented us well with candidates for this important role in the organization."

Definitely Met Expectations

"Once we got going, the reporting was very helpful, and the caliber of the candidates was very good. We could have potentially hired three of them."

Would Use JCSI Again

“We liked the focus of the search and would use JCSI again--especially for those types of roles that have a greater responsibility within the organization or a confidential search.

"JCSI offered a dedicated commitment as a recruiting partner who took the time to understand our culture and find the caliber of candidates we needed."