Tris Pharma Hires Diverse, Second-Shift Chemist in Only Five Weeks

Tris Pharma Inc is a technology driven, specialty pharmaceutical company that focuses on research, development and manufacturing of over-the-counter, Rx branded, and specialty generic drugs. One of the firm’s priorities is developing strategic partnerships to help other companies enhance their current therapeutics, and Tris Pharma has effectively partnered with several key pharmaceutical companies, developing a pipeline of more than 80 products.  

Tris Pharma faced a number of recruiting challenges, particularly regarding staffing in the quality control department for the firm's new second shift.  In addition to staffing for the second shift, Tris Pharma required skilled talent and was looking to diversify its candidate pool. On its own, the firm had been unable to find the caliber or diversity it desired. Within five weeks of working with JCSI, Tris Pharma hired a quality control chemist for the new shift who met all their requirements.  

  • Short Time to Fill: Within five weeks of partnering with JCSI, Tris Pharma extended two offers and had a hire. 

  • Develop Solid Pipeline:  Built pipeline of diverse, quality-control chemists that Tris Pharma owns.

  • Effectively Manage Project: Weekly updates and accountability enabled success within a very tight timeframe.

Accountable for Success

“The weekly updates were really important for keeping us accountable and the process moving forward quickly. We wanted to hire people in a short timeframe and the project manager kept that on track.

"JCSI’s strong project management team and process are good even with a longer timeframe because of the accountability on both ends: We know JCSI is delivering to their weekly goals and we are upholding our end by reviewing the candidates they send us."

High-quality Candidates

“JCSI’s ability to reach diverse candidates with the skills we wanted was very helpful and the quality met our expectations, particularly in how closely they aligned with our requirements."

Sourcing Strength

"JCSI has a strong reach in terms of their ability to find candidates. The search was very good for us, especially from a time-to-fill standpoint—only five weeks."

Partners in Staffing

"I would recommend JCSI because they met our expectations which included a short timeframe and a diverse hire with specific skills. They were our partners along the way in managing the project."