Success Leads to Continued Recruiting Partnership with Team Detroit

Team Detroit is a full-service agency offering world-class advertising and marketing with a diverse portfolio that includes global giants, national firms, and local organizations as well as extensive community service work. Due to growth, the agency had many openings for talented staff in a very competitive market. Intrigued by JCSI’s unique pricing model and expertise with passive candidates, Team Detroit initially partnered with the firm for help with its most difficult-to-fill roles and high-volume staffing needs. After the success of those early projects, Team Detroit expanded its partnership with JCSI to include additional roles that encompass creative, technical, management, and sales positions at various levels of the large, communications agency. 

  • Passive Candidates: Proactive sourcing and recruiting connects Team Detroit with top passive candidates.

  • Quick Hires:  Several new staff hired within an average time-to-fill of 8 weeks.

  • Pipeline Ownership: Ability to hire multiple candidates without incurring additional costs.

Finding Good Talent

“There was an urgency to fill lots of positions, and we did not have the internal resources to meet our growing staff needs. JCSI was able to tap into the passive candidate market and provide a sourcing arm with that focus.

"They have a great process for breaking through to connect with passive candidates; on our own, we didn't have the resources to reach passive candidates as much as we would have liked."

Right Candidates for Us

“Customer service at JCSI is impressive, particularly their desire to learn our business, be flexible, and come up with creative solutions. Before they even begin billing us, they do thoughtful benchmarking and take the time to dig into what we’re looking for. JCSI cares about finding the right candidates for us."

Benefits of Hourly Fee

“JCSI provides us with a pool of candidates that we can consider for multiple opportunities. Because we pay an hourly fee as opposed to a percentage of base salary per person, we benefit when we hire several people from the same pool. From a business model standpoint, each search fills our database with many potential hires.”

A Different Type of RPO

“JCSI is truly interested in understanding our business. They ask thoughtful questions and push to get the hiring manager involved. This has not been our typical experience with outside vendors where the focus is more on churn, get the next warm body, and move on. With JCSI, the relationship building results in a deep understanding of our company and the type of candidates we seek.”

Defining Success

"There are several facets to how we define success. In the end, it is about the quality of hires, but success also can be measured by hundreds of candidates in our database and driving traffic to fill those open positions. From a customer service and partnership standpoint, JCSI has exceeded our expectations and feels like the right direction for us."