JCSI Interview Days Enable 15 Hires in 13 Weeks, Cutting Costs by Half

Due to anticipated growth in the retail market, Sonos, a national manufacturer of multi-zone digital music systems, needed to hire 15 Retail Specialists within a tight timeframe. Sonos partnered with JCSI for its unique RPO model and the recruiting firm's expertise in planning and implementing Interview Days across the United States. Three cities were selected as interview hubs for several territories, including: Los Angeles, Chicago and Boston.

Each Interview Day involved a panel of Sonos stakeholders, including a VP of Sales, Director of HR, and the Regional Manager. JCSI developed competency-based questions for the managers, as well as sourced, recruited, and qualified interview-ready candidates who met the Position Profile for each of the company's 15 markets.

JCSI also managed the employee referral pipeline, the scheduling, interview hub set-up and logistics at each site, administration for each event, and follow-up surveys with candidates and Sonos managers. 

  • Quick Time to Fill: 15 Hires in 13 weeks from concept to completion.

  • Less Cost Per Hire: At 7.4% CPH, Sonos reduced hiring costs by more than half.

  • Superior Recruitment: JCSI managed all Interview Days with very successful outcomes.

From the Client

“Managers surveyed after the event found 100% felt the quality of candidates and event planning were above average, JCSI was resourceful and responsive to their concerns, and JCSI represented Sonos in a knowledgeable and professional manner.”

From the Candidates

“A full 96% of candidates surveyed after the Interview Day thought the event was well organized and reflected the image of Sonos, with 92% saying they gained a full understanding of Sonos and the opportunity.”