JCSI Delivers Diverse Talent to Support Growth at Revolution Foods

Founded in 2006 by two moms on a mission to transform the way America eats, Revolution Foods started out providing fresh, healthy meals to schools in Northern California. Over the years, the company expanded to offer millions of wholesome meals to students at educational institutions across the country, as well as provide family-tasty, healthy packaged food for sale at major, national retail stores. As the company continues to expand into new markets and geographic locations, finding qualified talent to staff its growing organization became an ongoing challenge.

Revolution Foods partnered with JCSI for help identifying and attracting qualified candidates to support the company’s ongoing growth.


  • Superior Candidates—Multiple, high-quality applicants enable selectivity in hiring.

  • Strong Partnership—Competent and committed team strengthens candidate outreach and engagement.

  • Data Driven—Weekly status reports, candidate marketing data and intelligence gathering add value.

Options to Choose

“When you have a position you need to fill and your own internal methods aren’t working, you find yourself making compromises in terms of what you want in a candidate. With JCSI, we got several candidates who met our qualifications, so we had more than one candidate to choose from: With multiple applicants, you can select the person who has the most qualifications and is the best fit for the role.”

Exceed Expectations

“JCSI really came through and they got it right the first time. We didn’t have to go back and recalibrate. They delivered what they promised.”

Exceptional Transparency

“We got regular pipeline reports, so we knew the status of every person they connected with on our behalf--whether someone fit the mold but was over salary, or wasn’t interested and why. JCSI was in contact with a high number of candidates, and they shared the information they gathered, which was very useful.”

Data Driven

“JCSI collected candidate-market information that we could share with our executive team. By providing salary history of actual candidates, JCSI provided us with concrete data, and although we didn’t need to make adjustments because the data matched what we had planned, we had the evidence if adjustments had been necessary.”

Effective Business Model

“The business model is cost effective, results oriented, and the approach works. By partnering with JCSI, we were able to get a high-quality recruiting team working on our projects. They provided weekly updates on pipelines, discussed what was working or not, and made any necessary adjustments--all with a fun, engaging and competent team, so we looked forward to talking every week.”

JCSI Difference

“With JCSI, the candidates were exactly what we wanted. We wanted diverse candidates who met the specifications, and it was great to be able to say that and get that.”