JCSI Finds Top Talent and Adapts to Client's Changing Needs

ProPhase Labs is a specialty pharmaceutical company developing, manufacturing and marketing over-the-counter cold remedies and natural-based consumer health products. Since its founding in 1989, ProPhase Labs has been using cutting-edge science and high-performance homeopathic compounds to provide remedies to improve human health, including the highly effective Cold-EEZE® Cold Remedy product line.

Due to growth, the company faced a number of staffing challenges for candidates with specialized skills and experience to fill newly created roles and meet additional hiring needs. They partnered with JCSI because of the firm’s talent for identifying and attracting high-quality candidates, as well as its ability to adapt to change while remaining agile to meet their staffing needs efficiently. Working on various searches for ProPhase Labs since 2010, JCSI has consistently delivered quality candidates and creative approaches to meet the company’s staffing needs within a flexible recruiting environment.  

  • Flexible Partner: Able to adapt to changes, JCSI makes search adjustments quickly as needed. 

  • Capable Consultant:  JCSI offers professional advice for refining search parameters and defining required skills.

  • Quality Candidates: Experts at engaging candidates with specific skills and experience, JCSI finds top performers.

Engaging with Top Talent

“Everyone wants to hire the ideal candidate. At ProPhase Labs, we are very selective. We only want to see premiere-level candidates and we consistently get that from JCSI."

Creative Sourcers 

“JCSI is creative in how they approach sourcing, expanding the geographic range or making other adjustments, so they target the right people and get the type of candidate we want.”

Efficient Process

"The weekly updates keep us connected. JCSI makes subtle adjustments to the search based on feedback from interviews and discussions about refining skills or experience requirements, so moving forward, we continue to get the highest quality candidates."


Able to Adapt Quickly

“JCSI is very good at honing in on the job requirements and adapting the search based on changes as they develop at our end. Especially with new roles, the first job description may not be what you want once you start meeting with those candidates. JCSI was particularly adept at working with us to make those refinements.”

Great Team

“JCSI’s team is very professional and flexible—specifically the Project Manager and Account Manager—who rise above the pack in terms of professionalism and the way they conduct themselves. They are a pleasure to work with.”

Exceed Expectations

"JCSI exceeded expectations in the search for the Product Launch Specialist. They not only adjusted to several changes as we refined this new role, but they prodded us to be more definitive about what we wanted."