Northwest Hardwoods Hires Controller in Six Weeks with JCSI

Northwest Hardwoods began in the Pacific Northwest with a single alder mill in 1967. Through the years, the company grew to become the largest manufacturer and supplier of hardwood lumber in the world--with manufacturing locations, warehouses and distribution centers located throughout North America.

With its innovative mindset, advanced technology, and progressive manufacturing processes, Northwest Hardwoods prides itself on responsible resource-management practices, customer service, and a talented, committed team. When the firm needed to hire a Controller, they initially managed the search internally. After several months, the project was put on hold, and by the time they reopened the search, NWH needed to fill the position as soon as possible. Although they had received lots of interest in the opportunity, the response had not met the caliber and expertise they required for this key role with the company.

Northwest Hardwoods partnered with JCSI to get highly qualified candidates into the pipeline, streamline the process, and make an exceptional hire within a tight timeline.

  • Quick Time to Fill:  Within six weeks of an eight-week project, NorthWest Hardwoods hired a controller.

  • Low Cost Per Hire: In addition to filling a key leadership role quickly, NWH reduced their recruiting costs significantly with a cost per hire of 10 percent.

  • Efficiency: JCSI sourced qualified candidates and prescreened all applicants, so NWH only interviewed top talent, saving time and improving efficiency.

High-Quality Candidates

“With JCSI, we started seeing results in the first two weeks. We looked at several candidates each week, and ended up hiring the very first applicant we interviewed. JCSI sent us good candidates who met all our requirements, and this had a huge impact on our time."

Recruiting Strength: Flexibility

“JCSI is incredibly flexible—working within our schedule, helping us target the role requirements, type of candidate, and qualifications we wanted, and molding the process to meet our needs."

Measurable Results

"JCSI sent us highly qualified applicants and we benefitted from their established process. We know we will get good results with JCSI, and it's going to be money well spent."


JCSI Cost Difference

“For the most part, my experience with outside recruiters has gone well, but cost was always a factor. With JCSI, the pricing structure is quite attractive. Typically, with a traditional recruitment agency, you can expect to pay between 15-20 percent cost per hire. With JCSI, we made a high-quality hire for 10 percent, and we always like to save money when we can!"

Effective Partners

”JCSI is more hands-on and that streamlined the process for us. JCSI set up the prescreening questions and drilled down to core specifics, making sure they sent us candidates who met our requirements and were a good cultural fit.”

Exceeded Expectations

"JCSI exceeded our expectations by sending us high-quality, local applicants.  For this level role, we expected we may have to search nationally and deal with relocation issues, but JCSI found us a local pool of exceptional candidates while saving us time and money."