NextWorth Partners with JCSI for Full RPO and Gets Multiple Hires

A leader in online and in-store consumer electronics trade-in programs, NextWorth was the first company to roll out an electronics exchange program with national retailers. Offering a convenient way for consumers to sell, trade, and purchase used electronics, the growing company recently completed NextWorth 3.0--the most comprehensive in-store platform in the industry. With limited internal resources, NextWorth turned to JCSI for help with staffing a variety of roles as the company experienced continued growth. Using JCSI’s unique RPO model, NextWorth was able to fill several roles quickly and at low cost. JCSI provided NextWorth with a comprehensive recruiting partnership: sourcing, screening, and coordinating all required phases and administrative tasks to achieve multiple, high-quality hires.  

  • Strong Partnership: Offering the full range of RPO services, JCSI supported all phases of the recruiting process, resulting in multiple hires for a variety of roles. 

  • High-Quality Hires:  NextWorth made several, long-term hires from JCSI’s pipeline of excellent candidates.

  • Timely Savings: JCSI filled the Senior Product Manager role in six weeks for a cost per hire of nine percent.

The JCSI Difference

“JCSI is proactive; they work to find the right person for us rather than the candidate with the highest salary. I also like the way JCSI screens the candidates, being open minded and understanding our priorities at the same time."

Effective Process 

“The weekly meetings are critical: First, to keep us on track; and second, as a way to exchange information, dive into the profiles, and determine exactly what we want, which narrows the search and gets us better candidates.”

Exceeds Expectations

"JCSI exceeds expectations. They find excellent candidates, have great follow up, and are very professional with us and the candidates."


High-Quality Candidates

“We got the hires we needed, and if we didn’t have limitations on our end, we could have hired more with the candidates they sent us. JCSI did what they said they were going to do.”

Partnership Gets Stronger

“The longer we work together, the stronger the partnership gets on both sides. We have become much more efficient as we have a clearer idea of what we want, and JCSI has come to know the types of candidates who are the best fit for us. With JCSI, I trust the people I’m working with, their methodology, and their level of professionalism--from screening candidates to working around my tight schedule."