Best Recruiting Option

“With JCSI, we have the best of both worlds. We're spending an hourly rate and can somewhat control the  efforts, peaks and valleys of the search, but we aren’t limited to the resources of one individual. They bring multiple resources to the table in terms of people and databases. It's the advantage of a bigger organizational effort without the disadvantage of an obscenely large hiring fee.“

Institutional Memory

“With JCSI, we have an institutional relationship with an institutional memory of candidates and needs, versus contract recruiting where we had to start from scratch every time: No retraining or re-evaluation necessary with JCSI. I was confident the process would remain the same, and there would be somebody who had worked with us in the past. We have more visibility and better results with an intermittent relationship than restarting it every time, as with a contract recruiter.”

Quality Hires

“JCSI provided us with a number of really good hires—better hires than we could have come up with using our existing resources. Without having someone truly dedicated to recruiting, which was our circumstance, there’s no way we could have made that quality of hires for the money we spent:There just isn’t a chance. I would have had to utilize another resource, and I’m not sure we would have gotten that many hires at that cost.”

Flexibile RPO for Changing Needs

“JCSI allows a lot of flexibility as the needs of the organization peak and valley. This flexibility allows me to control the budget and paper flow, so we don’t get overwhelmed with resumes. It allows me to prioritize needs and to be able to reallocate hours or save money by cutting hours. This flexibility to meet our changing needs has worked out well.“