JCSI Delivers Niche Candidates and Flexibility for Changing Needs

For more than 30 years, LTI DataComm has supplied network solutions and critical IT services to the US Government by offering expertise in a variety of technical areas. The firm’s staffing challenge was it needed to fill a number of niche positions quickly. Without internal resources for in depth sourcing and candidate engagement, LTI DataComm turned to JCSI for help finding the quantity and caliber of candidates with the specialized skills they required.

Within weeks of partnering, JCSI began sending pre-screened, qualified candidates to LTI, as well as assisting with scheduling interviews and conducting reference checks to provide a seamless extension to LTI’s hiring team. In addition, JCSI’s flexible fee structure enabled LTI to adjust to government  hiring changes, adding or decreasing search hours for certain projects, with the assurance that JCSI would adapt to changing timelines and continue to deliver quality candidates.  

  • Multiple Hires: From skilled candidates identified in one niche search, LTI hired three Tower Technicians for a 50% savings in total cost per hire compared to an agency. 

  • Fee Flexibility:  LTI benefitted from the flexible fee structure by adding positions and putting roles on hold as needed.

  • Transparency: Weekly updates offered project clarity, feedback and quick response, enabling better candidates.

Reliable Delivery

“When I give JCSI a project—small or large, niche or not—I know they will work to the best of their ability to bring me quality candidates. JCSI has earned our trust in their delivery.”

Strong Partnership 

“JCSI put a team in place that was an extension of us. They knew exactly what we were looking for, digging deep to make sure they brought us candidates who were a good fit. The partnership we have with JCSI, I have not found with anyone else.”

Proven Process

"As we progressed through the searches, we realized tweaks needed to be made to some job descriptions or requirements. JCSI worked with us to streamline the process and make it more in line with our actual needs."


The JCSI Difference

“With agencies, it seemed they were not really listening, and there was a lot of pressure to make their candidates fit—like trying to make a round peg fit in a square hole.

"We never had that situation with JCSI. They took the time to understand us and make sure the candidates they sent us met our requirements.”

Trusted Advisor

"JCSI exceeded our expectations and became a trusted recruiting advisor. As we talk through new positions, they offer us advice based on their market experience, their knowledge of our needs, and their ability to attract the right type of individual."