College Recruiting Builds Brand and Connects with New Talent

Prior to partnering with JCSI, Lhoist North America did not have a formal college recruiting program. An international mining company, Lhoist needed to build relationships with targeted universities and top students to develop a pipeline of new talent. The primary focus was to create an ongoing process to generate awareness of career opportunities at Lhoist with young graduates and targeted schools across the country. 

  • Branding Awareness: The number of students and graduates applying to Lhoist doubled. 

  • Scalable Process: Developed ongoing, consistent, college recruiting program--from posting to hiring. 

  • Quick Time to Fill: Quality candidates presented, with 24 hires in nine weeks. 

JCSI Advantage

“JCSI made the process seamless, managing all the administrative work, job postings and pre-screenings, as well as scheduling with the university and the students. We never could have done it without them.” 

Quality Candidates 

“JCSI understood our standards, and their pre-screening efforts were tremendously helpful. They were able to narrow down the pool of candidates, so the students we saw were incredibly bright, and our Hiring Managers were impressed.” 

High Level of Trust

“Before JCSI, we never entrusted others with being an agent for us, but they proved themselves by their performance. We became a cohesive team, and we saw the level of activity in the results. JCSI is very organized, which is important, and their process is consistent.” 

Thorough Communication

“I always knew where we were in the project. We were able to address things quickly, proactively, and there was complete transparency. The weekly updates and reports helped us be accountable to make sure the project was progressing, so we stayed on track with the timeline.”

Exceed Expectations

“We never thought we would fill that many positions in what seemed like an impossible timeline, but the muscle and administrative role JCSI provided made it happen: pushing us to meet deadlines, providing regular updates, contacting universities, keeping candidates warm, and letting us know if there were stalls on our end.”

Going Forward

 “We will use JCSI again because the results speak for themselves. We’ve already started college recruiting for next year.”.”