JCSI Connects with Candidates who Meet Specific Skill Requirements

Instrumentation Laboratory leads in the delivery of diagnostic instruments for critical care and hemostasis, providing medical professionals with innovative products in a constantly evolving market. The firm had been searching for months unsuccessfully for very specific, experienced talent to meet their staffing needs. Within weeks of partnering with JCSI and its unique RPO model, Instrumentation Lab had a pipeline of prequalified candidates from which to make the best selection.

  • Expert Sourcers:  JCSI identified, recruited, and screened A-level candidates.

  • Top Candidates: Instrumentation Lab able to choose best fit from high-quality selection.

  • Focus on Talent: Hourly fee structure kept priority on talent, not cost.

Recruiting Top Candidates

“JCSI could reach candidates we were unable to find; their avenues and their search approach were much more effective. JCSI gave us quality candidates who matched the job requirements and were exactly what we discussed.”

Prescreen Candidates

“JCSI not only put the right resumes in front of us in a professional manner, but by doing the initial screening and discussing issues such as location and commute with candidates, the applicants we saw were not only prequalified, but were also truly interested in the opportunity.”

Unique RPO Fee Structure

“I really like the JCSI weekly fee structure which focuses more on quality than looking for the most expensive candidate.“

Transparent Talent Search 

“The weekly conference calls and reports were effective for fine-tuning expectations for the role, discussing top resumes, and updating us on the status of the search. My HR team joined these regular meetings, which were invaluable at keeping the project moving.”

Cost-Effective Staffing

“JCSI met our hiring needs without charging crazy dollars or basing the search on the highest paid person. Before we partnered with them, we spent a lot of time reading bad resumes.“

For Future Hiring Needs

“I would absolutely use JCSI again, and I recommended them to HR for our entire organization: Right out of the gate, JCSI did it right.”