IMN Cuts Recruiting Costs by More Than Half with JCSI

IMN (iMakeNews) is a digital marketing firm representing a variety of industries across the country. Prior to partnering with JCSI, this software-as-a-service company was spending about $700k annually on recruitment, working with several agencies and paying 20-25% fees in an attempt to meet its staffing needs. Initially, IMN partnered with JCSI to fill immediate openings for eight talented, industry-specific salespeople at locations across the country.

JCSI not only identified the high-quality candidates who were subsequently hired, but the firm also implemented an entire recruitment process and strategy for IMN, including job descriptions, skill profiles, interview teams, and feedback forms, as well as candidate strength assessments. JCSI also developed a steady pipeline of qualified candidates and managed interview scheduling when needed. Due to the success of this project and subsequent searches, IMN’s partnership with JCSI has grown to include more roles with targeted skill sets in a variety of markets.

  • New Recruitment Plan: Set consistent process, high standards, and best practices to improve hiring.

  • Cost Savings: Reduce overall hiring costs by 50% for savings of $350K from previous model.

  • Top-Quality Hires: Strong partnership enables high-quality hires with average cost per hire of 9%.

Staffing Challenges Met

"We experienced huge growth and needed to hire new sales and services teams across the country within a very short timeframe.

"JCSI provided us with a process and strategy to meet those challenges in a timely way that saved us money and resulted in a number of high-quality hires."

Unique RPO Model

"JCSI’s approach to the RPO model works well for IMN, enabling us to bring high-quality staff on board while decreasing our cost per hire."

Communication Matters

"The weekly updates and status reports keep us focused and on schedule. JCSI provides a high level of service that enables us to know exactly where we stand on each search."


Reliable Delivery

"JCSI is great at relationship building, both with us and with candidates. They consistently deliver reliable service and high-quality candidates, which results in a great deal of trust between our teams."

The JCSI Difference

"We have used both agencies and contract recruiters in the past, and we found they were more interested in collecting fees than meeting our staffing needs. With JCSI, it is a true partnership. They are an integral part of our recruiting team."

Recruitment Partners

"I highly recommend JCSI to other companies because of the level of service they will provide to meet your staffing needs. They have become a valuable resource in our recruiting efforts."