JCSI Recruits Top Talent and Exceeds Staffing Expectations

Image Integration Systems delivers automation payroll services with advanced, integrated products and expert personnel. IIS needed to fill key roles with skilled talent who met their high expectations, and on their own, they were having little success in finding the caliber of candidates their business demanded. Taking advantage of the firm's unique RPO model, Image Integration Systems partnered with JCSI to get better candidates into their pipeline by relying on the recruiting consultant's proven recruiting and sourcing processes, as well as its strategies for finding and connecting with passive candidates.

  • Higher-Caliber Talent: JCSI sourced and recruited A-level people, including passive candidates.

  • Superior Recruiting: Strong partnership enabled efficiency and high-quality candidates.

  • Talent Hired: Within two months, IIS added two skilled staff with a cost per hire of 4.6% and 7.7%.

Our Staffing Challenge

“We had been looking on our own, and on paper, we had a lot of people; but sorting through them was daunting, and they were not the caliber of candidates we wanted, and ultimately got, with JCSI.”

The JCSI Edge

“JCSI maximized my time and got better candidates into our pipeline. Without them, it’s unlikely we would have gotten the quality of candidates we did, and I don’t know how we would have reached passive candidates.”

Recruiting Tools That Matter

“The Jobcast was a great tool that made a difference: Candidates were more comfortable with the company, understood what made us unique, and already had a level of buy in before the interview.”

Greatest Strength

“Their greatest strength is the quality of their people, their dedication to getting the task done, their willingness to work around my schedule, and their professionalism.”

Committed Recruiting Partners

“As the partnership grew, JCSI developed a deep knowledge of our business and what makes us unique, but getting high-quality candidates is a two-way street. I put in the time to communicate what’s important and to paint an accurate picture of our business, and I was thrilled with the people JCSI put in front of me.”

For Future Staffing Needs

“I would absolutely use JCSI again because I have confidence in their delivery. They have a sound approach to recruiting, dedicated staff, and they provide results with little risk to you.  When the results exceed what you expect, you’re willing to repeat it.”