Keeping the Pipeline Full

“JCSI keeps the pipeline full, so there’s less ramp-up time. We can go back and say, 'Who was that guy we were looking at from Pennsylvania?' Then go back and call that person. You have that ability with the pipeline, but high-quality candidates are not going to be around for long, and that’s why you need a constant flow of new candidates. By using JCSI’s process, you can draw from the existing pipeline and constantly refresh it with new candidates.”

Consistent Service

“If I hired a contract recruiter, they’d come in for a couple of months, and then they’d be off on another assignment. When I need them back, I would have to find another person. We have benefited from JCSI's consistency and flexibility to meet our changing needs. Otherwise, we’d be starting fresh every time and that would be cost prohibitive.”

Understanding Our Needs

“Before JCSI, we would use a recruiting firm when we needed to have all hands on. It took too much time to ramp up with them. By the time they learned the appropriate profle and got the right people to us, too much time had passed. JCSI knows the profile of the candidates we want. They know the qualities we want. Their knowledge is a huge benefit. By utilizing JCSI’s services, we’ve been able to eliminate unqualified interviews."

Seamless Structure

“One of the things JCSI does really well is immerse themselves in our business. JCSI understands our work, and because of their flexible model, if I don’t need them to come in for a few weeks, I don’t have to worry about it.”