Seamless Partnership Leads to Top Candidates and Multiple Hires

Excel4apps serves a wide range of industries by offering award-winning products that integrate Oracle and SAP to build reports. With offices spanning several continents, Excel4apps supports a broad global network of users worldwide. In the past few years, the company has doubled its staff, and the firm continues to grow at a rapid pace. Without an internal HR team to support its increasing staff needs, Excel4apps partnered with JCSI for its national recruiting resources and expertise. Together, the two firms created a seamless partnership where JCSI delivers high-performing, passive candidates from targeted companies across the United States, and Excel4apps continues to grow an exceptional team.

  • Pipeline Ownership: JCSI connects Excel4apps with top candidates for present and future hiring needs.

  • Passive Candidates: Sourcing expertise and creative candidate engagement expands talent pool beyond active job seekers.

  • Multiple Hires: From one search, able to make multiple offers and reduce cost per hire significantly.

Recruiting Powerhouse

“We use JCSI because they have the resources to find candidates in different regions of the United States. One of the benefits with JCSI is they often connect us to qualified people who are not on the job market.”

Superior Candidates

“Passive candidates make the best type of employees, the most productive and the happiest. Good people aren’t always looking for work, but if you can find those people who are succeeding in their existing jobs and transition them to your environment, they will be happy and productive for you. Those are strong candidates."

Strong Partnership

“We are essentially insourcing with someone who is a best practice provider in their field, so I don’t have to be the best at recruiting to find high-quality candidates.”

JCSI vs. Other Recruiting Options

“We don’t have the internal HR capacity, so we rely on JCSI as an outsource recruiting company to aid us in finding top candidates. The cost is lower with JCSI and the quality of the candidates is better. JCSI has a strong reach into targeted areas and industries, and we’re getting a higher quality of candidate.”

One Search, Many Hires

"JCSI identified so many good candidates, we had multiple hires from one search. Also, the quality of the resources we were able to obtain were higher than if we had used any other search firm or had tried to do it internally."

Greatest Strengths

“JCSI’s greatest strengths are the firm’s ability to focus on specific geographic areas, its expertise at finding passive candidates; and the dollars and sense of the service they provide: Instead of paying 10-15 percent of a candidate’s salary for one employee, you may end up with multiple hires from one search and that impacts the cost per hire.”