JCSI Partnership Results in High-Quality Hires!

As New England’s premier office furniture company, Environments at Work (EAW) was founded in 2006 committed to providing every client with the expertise and personal attention to ensure the highest quality results and services. As it grew, that same commitment to customer service led EAW to partner with JCSI for assistance in filling key Project Manager and Account Manager roles at the firm.

Prior to this partnership, EAW had not been able to find the caliber of candidates it required using other outside recruitment options. In addition, while standard internet sites were flooding the firm’s inbox with applicants, many of them were not suitable. With JCSI as a recruitment partner, EAW saw a significant improvement in the quality of candidates in its pipeline, which resulted in hires for both roles.  

  • 100% Fill Rate: EAW filled Project Manager and Account Manager roles with JCSI candidates.
  • Better Candidates: JCSI delivered pre-screened, highly qualified candidates who fit EAW’s profile and culture.
  • Strong Partner: The partnership resulted in top applicants, and the process included excellent communication throughout the project, weekly update meetings, and diligent follow up.

JCSI versus Other Options

“Compared to what I’ve experienced with other recruitment options, JCSI brought a level of professionalism and customer service above the rest. They didn’t push candidates on us or go dark, so I had to chase them for information on my project.

"With JCSI, the communication was excellent, and with weekly updates, we always knew where we stood with the project. From the start, they were forthright, professional, proactive, and competent."

Exceeded Expectations

"JCSI exceeded our expectations with the professionalism of their team and the high caliber of candidates they got into our pipelines."

Collaborative Partners

“JCSI took the time to understand our organization and find candidates who not only had the skills and experience we required, but also fit the company culture. Their model is much more of a partnership, which is how we work as a company, so the process fit our culture very well as did the candidates they presented to us.”

Recommend JCSI 

"I would absolutely use JCSI again. They are a strong recruiting resource and good business people who do what they say they are going to do."