JCSI Implements Solid Recruitment Plan for Multiple Hires

Dartmouth Journal Services, a publisher of scientific, medical and technical journals, needed to hire 10-12 skilled staff due to the firm's rapid growth. Located in Vermont, DJS was having difficulty filling the roles on its own because there were few qualified candidates in the area and they had limited internal resources to put toward the effort. They partnered with JCSI to connect with a large number of qualified candidates from targeted states across the region, which resulted in many talented applicants and the necessary hires.

  • Sourcing Power: JCSI identified 850+ potential candidates, creating a full database for DJS.

  • Top Talent: JCSI presented 117 prequalified applicants, resulting in 16 offers and 12 hires.

  • Solid Advisors: JCSI helped DJS refine its position profile and broaden its search strategy.

Strong Recruitment Partners

“As an HR person, I was impressed with JCSI’s ability to ask good questions that helped us clarify our needs, as well as come up with a solid recruitment plan to expand the search. With their help, we identified geographic locations to target, developed a framework for three different profiles, and hired the people we needed.”

Affordable Excellence

“The cost per hire was comparable to what it would have cost us internally, but considering the caliber and quantity of candidates we saw, we couldn’t have met those expectations without JCSI.”

Access to Candidates

“JCSI did a lot of work on our behalf, and they were a solid partner throughout the process. Ownership of the candidate data and contact information is also helpful. We can reach out to these candidates again in the future when perhaps their situation or ours will have changed.”

Staffing Expertise

“The data reports and their knowledge of sourcing were very helpful, and the Jobcast they created highlighted the advantages of working with our company. JCSI helped us understand the challenges we faced in recruiting for this position and that we could make successful hires with less experience if they had strong skill sets.”

Transparent RPO Process

“JCSI functioned as a true extension of our recruitment team, saving us time and making us more efficient. We relied on the weekly reports for a clear sense of the project’s progress: We got to see how many candidates they sourced and interviewed, and we always knew how many applicants were at each stage of the process.”

Absolutely Satisfied

 “I would recommend JCSI, and I would absolutely use them again because they made it possible for us to meet our recruitment goals. Without them, we would not have been able to make this many hires.”