JCSI Strengthens Pipeline and Brand for Candidates with Targeted Skills

With more than five million members across 50 states, Coventry is a growing company offering a full range of products and services in the health care market. Their challenge was getting high-quality candidates in their pipelines, particularly for roles such as Business Analysts in Medicare and Medicaid, which require targeted skills and competencies that typically are more difficult to fill. Coventry partnered with JCSI to improve their pipelines and strengthen their brand as an employer with excellent career opportunities.

  • Strengthen Brand: Connected many high-quality candidates to Coventry's Career Center. 

  • Pipeline Development: Built solid pipeline of Sharepoint Developer candidates within short timeframe.

  • Supplement Services: Increased qualified applicants with specific skills for a variety of roles.

Challenging Roles

“Our primary challenge was increasing the candidate flow for targeted skill sets: The volume was not sufficient to meet our needs or give Hiring Managers a sense of comfort that they were seeing enough candidates to make the best hire possible.

The critical component for us was the opportunity to consider more qualified candidates. JCSI did a lot of sourcing, prescreening, and driving candidates to the Coventry Career Center, which was exactly what we needed.”

High-Quality Candidates 

“We had several ongoing and varied projects where we were looking for candidates with targeted skill sets: The roles we were focusing on were some of the more difficult positions—ones requiring specific core technologies. JCSI found those candidates for us.”


The JCSI Recruiting Difference

“Before JCSI, we had a mixed bag of experiences with recruiters: Partners successful at producing results and others who made promises but didn't deliver. JCSI demonstrated measurable results. We used them in a specific capacity, and we paid hourly for their sourcing strategy and pipeline development.

A Flexible RPO Solution

JCSI's greatest strength is its flexibility. We were looking to get the word out about Coventry career opportunities as well as help with branding, so our management team would see an increase in the volume of qualified candidates.”

Complete Staffing Transparency

”With JCSI, we were able to measure results based on weekly calls and reports that told us the number of candidates contacted and prescreened, the number of candidates interviewed, and those who had progressed to managerial-level interviews. The weekly calls also allowed us to reset search parameters if needed and go forward with different types of results.”