JCSI Recruits High-Quality Candidates for Consultant Roles

Blue Horseshoe Solutions is an IT services company offering enterprise ERP consulting and supply chain solutions to mid-market customers. They had multiple openings for Implementation Consultants, which they were having difficulty staffing, not only because consultant roles are typically tougher to fill, but also because they required highly qualified candidates and the role included extensive travel.

  • Multiple Hires: Within two months of partnering with JCSI, Blue Horseshoe had its first hire. 

  • Pipeline Development: Identified highly capable candidates, prescreening 25 who resulted in two hires.

  • Great Communication: Weekly status reports, numbers, and updates enabled project success.

Challenging Roles to Fill

“We are picky and we have very specific criteria for these roles, such as implementation experience with products we work on. We’re hiring a lot, and we’re always looking for highly qualified talent.

Before JCSI, we had a difficult time finding the quantity of qualified candidates we needed. JCSI identified those folks for us—they actually found a good number of the right candidates.”

Responsive to Our Needs 

“JCSI didn’t try to sell us on candidates; they listened, adapted, and were responsive to our staffing needs. They sent us the type and quality of candidates we wanted to see.”


The JCSI Recruiting Difference

“I always knew where we were in the project. We were able to address things quickly, proactively, and there was complete transparency. The weekly updates and reports helped us be accountable to make sure the project was progressing, so we stayed on track with the timeline.”

Meet or Exceed Expectations

”JCSI provides very professional updates and they are good at corralling candidates, scheduling, and managing follow up logistics, which are important to keep the project on track.

They also offer the best option for finding passive folks that I’ve seen. Sometimes we run into the same candidates from multiple sources, but that doesn’t happen with JCSI. They have met or exceeded our expectations.”