Our Challenge

“We had a huge expansion and went from essentially no hiring to ramping up very quickly, and because we had a number of openings, we needed a foundation of quality applicants.”

Staffing Solutions

“JCSI took the most difficult openings, enabling us to focus on the routine positions. Because they had the infrastructure in place, we didn't lose time on pipeline development and candidate recruiting. We wrote a Statement of Work for specific roles and JCSI provided a number of resumes and high-quality candidates. We made several hires from those applicants."

Strong Recruitment Partners

"JCSI vetted the candidates for us, so by the time we reviewed them, the amount of work on our part was reduced. They were rigorous about understanding our needs and recruiting to meet them with high-quality candidates. JCSI established great relationships with our hiring managers, and they probed us to refine our requirements so they could recruit better candidates, which helped us clarify our needs."

The JCSI Recruiting Difference

“Ordinarily, we engage a recruiter hoping to get some resumes, and we don’t spend anything until we hire somebody. With JCSI, we contracted for a number of hours, knowing we were going to get a foundation of candidates and what we were going to spend on it."

Flexible to Meet Changing Needs

"JCSI’s greatest strength is their ability to adapt to our business model and specific business needs. When we realized we needed more time than we originally contracted, we increased hours. Later, we dialed it back down when we had optimized the number of resumes. It was very useful to be able to scale it up and down."

Exceed Expectations in Two Ways

"First, they provided more on-target applicants than we expected, and second, they built excellent relationships with our hiring managers, so I could turn over communication with our hiring team in complete confidence that the partnership would work."