Director of Human Resources

Liz Sullivan brings a unique combination of business, psychology, and education experience to her role as Director of Human Resources at JCSI. During the early days, Liz took responsibility for the finances, tax preparation, and all other office management duties for the growing recruitment firm. As a member of the firm’s leadership team since its inception, Liz has watched JCSI evolve its business model  as a unique RPO while also cementing its values into actions that provide exceptional staffing services to clients while offering a rewarding work environment for employees.

Today, in her HR role, Liz ensures that JCSI rewards employee effort, fosters teamwork, and encourages professional development. She oversees and maintains a generous benefits package, staff training, and employee assessment and accountability measures.

Implementing fair employment practices, providing resources for staff, as well as establishing outlets for ideas and concerns, are just a few of the areas Liz addresses. In addition, she coordinates volunteer opportunities, company-wide events, team-building activities, and corporate meetings to communicate goals, recognize staff contributions, and build camaraderie.