Founder & Ceo

Jim Sullivan founded JCSI in 1999 with a vision to create a firm that would remain at the cutting edge of the recruitment industry by constantly improving the recruiting services it provides clients while strengthening the firm's niche as experts at finding and engaging A-level candidates.

Capitalizing on the experiences he had while working all aspects of the staffing industry, including recruitment process outsourcing, agency recruiting, corporate HR, and contract recruiting, Jim developed JCSI's unique RPO model that provided supplemental services to clients without requiring expensive contingency fees or lengthy contracts.

At that time, JCSI's hybrid between contract recruiting and agency services was a pioneer in RPO services, taking the best of what Jim had experienced and making it better. By 2003, he had developed an improved model—one that would allow search flexibility and savings in cost per hire while also providing clients with a recruiting alternative that was an extension of their HR team. That model continues to thrive today, and although the tools are constantly being refined, the basic tenets of customer service, value, and exceptional candidate research and marketing remain.

Those tenets have become the hallmark of the firm, enabling JCSI to be successful for more than a decade through some challenging economic times. Under Jim’s leadership, the firm continues to grow and provide its unique brand of recruitment consulting services to meet staffing needs for a variety of industries, and JCSI continues to evolve and improve.