As Vice President of Sales, Caitlin Sarver manages new and existing business development, sales, and all marketing efforts for JCSI. During her tenure with the firm, Caitlin has been instrumental in building the sales teams, developing sales processes and training, and overseeing the creation of marketing materials to drive business and support JCSI’s continued growth in the RPO industry.

In addition, Caitlin’s deep organizational knowledge enables her to implement ongoing, effective process improvements for sales and marketing efforts. From the moment she first joined the firm as a college intern, Caitlin established herself as a fast-track contributor: She graduated college a semester early with a degree in business and marketing, returning to JCSI to work in inside sales for only three months before being promoted. From there, the trajectory upward continued as Caitlin demonstrated an aptitude not only for sales and marketing, but also for business and revenue forecasting, data and metrics analyzing, as well as establishing JCSI’s brand as a unique RPO with a history of delivering value and flexibility to meet clients' recruiting needs.

As with most challenges she undertakes, Caitlin leads sales and marketing efforts with an eye toward continual improvement and reaching new stretch goals each quarter.