At JCSI, we work with top-performing companies and candidates, and our employees play an integral role in developing these relationships. We find the best applicants for our clients, and we hire “A” candidates for ourselves—talented people who work hard, have fun, and appreciate being rewarded for their success.

We employ the best and the brightest. If you join us, you may find yourself working beside degreed professionals with backgrounds in software, finance, medical device, law, human resources, and sales, as well as recruiting. Our teams focus on achieving individual and shared goals in a fast-paced, friendly environment; and we take time to celebrate our successes.

We encourage staff input and build on the skills of our top performers. At JCSI, professional development is a priority: Every member of our leadership team came from internal promotions.

Our relationship with each other is as important as the services we deliver.


JCSI was founded on the values of Teamwork, Accountability, Trust, and Respect. These values sustain our work together and form the basis of our partnership with clients. Exceptional results require the unified purpose of a team, accountability demands we give our best effort, trust ensures confidence in ourselves and others, and respect honors each person’s contribution to our mutual success. Together, these values ensure our employees contribute in a positive work environment, which results in superior services for our clients.